Peace and war

Peace is not real. There is no peace.

You are fighting for peace?

Fighting for peace? Like fucking for virginity?

People are always fighting for something meaningless. Obviously not for peace.

Do I really care about lands?

Do I care about lands more than I care about lives?

Was this war fair?

Is there anything fair in this world?

Can I blame someone?

Can I blame other contries because they don’t care about me?

Did I ever care about the war in Catatumbo and other countries?

No. Too far from me. Not dangerous.

And you are asking the world to care about Armenia and Artsakh. No one cares. This is life and it’s not fair — it’s cruel. Everyone cares about own benefits. You can’t beg the world to care about the war in your country. You can’t make the world understand that this wasn’t fair.

You know what wasn’t fair? Sending 18 year olds to the frontline. 18 year olds who knew nothing about wars. 18 year olds who had dreams. 18 year olds who barely started living. 18 year old children who missed their moms every night and dreamed of hugging them again.

Do you know what is not fair? Hoping to find yor 18 year old son’s body. THIS IS NOT FAIR. Burying your child’s leg or arm because they couldn’t find his whole body. THIS IS NOT FAIR.

You think moms who lost their sons care about lands?

Not going to sit and cry because people in Artsakh are burning their houses. They have to do that.

Not going to cry beause I will not be able to visit Dadivank again.

Let me cry for my generation first

My whole generation is dead. Some of them buryed, some of them not even found, some of them alive phisically but dead inside.

And this is not fair. But who cares? No one cares.

«Give peace a chance» said Lennon

And I’m answering him today— I don’t have «chances» to give. There’s no peace. Peace is a lie. There’s no peace for the parents who lost their children. There’s no peace for the soldiers who lost their friends.

«Make love, not war» Lennon said

And I’m answering— There is no love or passion left in me. There’s no hope left in me.

«Come to school»

I don’t have motivation to learn.

For what do I learn?

For what do I work?

For what do I marry?

For what do I give birth?

To send my husband to die for our homeland?

To send my child to die for our homeland?

«Give bith to 4,5,6 children»

Why the hell? To send them to the frontline?

No way. I am too selfish.

Maybe this war made us feel like we don’t want family?

Maybe this war made us feel like we don’t want children?

Maybe this war made us feel like we are dead?

I don’t have fairy tales to tell. Life is never fair we just need to survive.

And everyone will forget this in a few days. And everyone will start their normal life. And this is dirty. Smiles are dirty, tears are pretty!




Communication is not that easy

About the project:

This communication lesson plan is based on a short video presenting how miscommunication happens and how we can avoid it. The worksheet includes vocabulary tasks, listening comprehension and speaking practice.

Lesson activities

The lesson plan starts with a short warm-up. Students need to discuss a quote by Greek philosopher Epictetus as well as some more general questions connected with communication. Then, they move to a vocabulary task. They get a table with six verbs and need to complete the table with words that go with these verbs. After checking, students fill in the sentences with the correct form of the verbs from the table. Students then discuss these points as all sentences relate to communication and serve as a lead-in to the video.

Useful Expressions:

The last part of this communication lesson plan is built around phrases that we use when we don’t understand something, we want someone to clarify what they’ve said or when we want to be more specific. First, students need to complete a table with such phrases. Then, they have to read short dialogues and use the expressions from the table to complete them. Additionally, you can extend this lesson plan by doing some roleplay activities that can be found in many different ESL teaching sources.

A quote by Greek philosopher Epictetus: – We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.
Task 1: Discuss the questions.
• What does the quote mean? Do you agree with it?
• When we communicate, what is more important: listening or talking?
• What are the qualities of a good communicator?
• What problems might occur when communicating with someone?

  1. The quote means we need to listen more than talk. It can’t be 100% right because if all of the people start listening twice more who will talk for them?
  2. Both are very important but you learn more when you listen.
  3. When we comunicate it’s important to shut up and listen, maybe even think for a few minutes and then start talking
  4. The main problem is when people talk meanwhile and don’t listen to each other. Another problem is when you don’t know each others’ languages very well and sometimes you can understand things wrong (like me and my boyfriend)

Task 2: Complete the table with words that go with these verbs. Some words can be matched to more than one verb.

feedback, thoughts, ideas, confusion, meaning,
misunderstanding, miscommunication, message, animosity,
receive share grasp prevent interpret lead to

Receive feedback, recieve message, share feedback

Share thoughts, share ideas

Grasp meaning

Prevent misunderstanding, prevent miscomunication, prevent animosity, prevent confusiom

Interpret thoughts, interpret ideas

Lead to confusion, lead to misunderstanding, lead to miscomunication, lead to animosty

Task 3. Fill in the sentences with the correct form of the verbs from the table above and then discuss these points.
• Asking people questions usually prevents miscommunication.
• One of the most common reasons that leads to misunderstandings is the
use of complicated sentence structures.
• It only makes sense to share positive feedback as it keeps everyone happy.
• People with various knowledge, experience and cultural backgrounds
interpret messages in a different way.

Task 4. Watch the first part of a video (to 3:10) titled “How miscommunication happens (and how to avoid it)” and choose correct answers.

1) The transmission model:
A. means that communication is a one-way process
B. involves communicating complex concepts
C. includes feedback from the other person
 In the transactional model:
A. there is no exchange of information
B. just one person assigns meaning
C. people give and receive feedback
3) Perceptual filters….
A. improve communication by adding extra information
B. limit the number of messages we receive
C. change meanings and interpretation of messages we receive

Task 5. Complete these rules of good communication with words given below.

filters, gut, open, express. engage,

1: Engage actively with the verbal and nonverbal feedback of others, and adjust your message to facilitate greater understanding.

2: Listen with your eyes and ears, as well as with your gut . Remember that communication is more than just words.

3: In the rush to express ourselves, it’s easy to forget that communication is a two -way street. Be open to what the other person might say.

4: Be aware of your personal perceptual filters . Elements of your experience, including your culture, community, and family, influence how you see the world.

Task 6: Watch the second part of the video (from 3:10) and check your answers in the previous exercise.

Task 7: Discuss the rules above. What do they mean? How easy do you think it is to follow these rules?

If you asked me this question two years ago I would say it’s very easy because I was not arguing with people. Now I’m in a relationship and I realised that I started arguing almost every day and even if I know I’m wrong I don’t admit it. Two years ago following these rules was very easy for me now it’ss extremly difficult.

  1. Discuss the questions.
    • Do you think that people tend to use too many words to communicate their ideas?
    • What can we do to be better communicators?
    • In what kinds of situations do you have to ask someone to rephrase what they’ve said?

I think people use too many words to communicate their ideas and it makes me nervous. I know they can explain what they mean in a minute but they talk for hours to make themselves seem smart.

We should follow the rules we learn.

If you couldn’t hear or understand you should ask to rephrase. Usually I force to rephrase if I didn’t like what they said

  1. Match phrases to correct categories.

• In other words, …
• I don’t quite follow….
• Can you elaborate on that?
• I don’t fully understand…
• Could you be more specific?
• I didn’t catch that.
• Could you repeat?
• To put it another way…
• Just to be clear, you’re
suggesting that…
• To be more specific….
• Can you say that again?
• I don’t get it…
• Would you mind speaking more
• So, you’re saying that…
• If I understand you correctly…
• Correct me if I’m wrong, but
you’re saying that…
• Let me clarify that…

1: You want someone to clarify
what they’ve said

I don’t fully understand…

Could you be more specific?

I didn’t catch that.

I don’t get it…

Would you mind speaking more

2: You didn’t hear something

I don’t quite follow….

Could you repeat?

Can you say that again?

3: You want to explain/clarify something
you’ve already said

In other words, …

To put it another way…

4: You want to check if you understand what
someone has just said

Can you elaborate on that?

So, you’re saying that…

If I understand you correctly…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but
you’re saying that…

Let me clarify that…

Cousin Tribulation’s Story by Louisa May Alcott: Translation

Cousin Tribulation’s Story was featured as The Short Story of the Day on Thu, Dec 28, 2017

-Սիրելի՛ Մերի, որպես եղանակին համապատասխան թեմա, ուզում եմ քեզ պատմել ամանորյա նախաճաշի մասին, որն ունեցել եմ, երբ փոքր աղջիկ էի։ Ի՞նչ ես կարծում, ի՞նչ էր դա։ Մի կտոր չոր հաց և խնձոր։ Ահա, թե ինչպես դա պատահեց և դա իրական պատմություն է, իրական է ամեն բառը։

Այդ առավոտ մենք իջանք ներքև նախաճաշելու՝ շողացող դեմքերով ու մաքրամաքուր գոգնոցներով։Մենք հայրիկին մենակ գտանք ճաշասենյակում։

-Շնորհավոր Նոր տարի, պա՜պ,  որտե՞ղ է մայրիկը,- բացականչեցինք մենք։

-Մի փոքրիկ տղա եկավ ու աղերսելով  ասաց, որ իրենք սովամահ են լինում տանը, այդպիսով ձեր մայրը գնաց որ տեսնի․․․ ահ, ահա և նա։

Մինչ հայրիկը խոսում էր, ներս եկավ մայրիկը՝ սառած, բավականին տխուր ու շատ հուզված։

-Երեխանե՜ր,  մի՛ սկսեք, մինչև չլսեք, թե ինչ եմ ասելու ձեզ,- ասաց նա։

Ու մենք նստեցինք՝ ուշադիր նայելով նրան և մեր առջև դրված, ձեռք չտրված նախաճաշին։

-Այստեղից ոչ հեռու պառկած է մի աղքատ կին՝ նորածին երեխայի հետ։Այնտեղ վեց երեխաներ տեղավորվում են մեկ մահճակալի վրա, որպեսզի պաշտպանվեն ցրտից, քանզի նրանք վառելիք չունեն։ Այնտեղ ուտելու ոչինչ չկա: Ու մեծ տղան եկել էր ինձ ասելու, որ իրենք սովամահ են լինում այս սաստիկ ցուրտ օրվա ընթացքում։ Իմ փոքրի՛կ աղջիկներ, կտա՞ք նրանց ձեր նախաճաշը՝ որպես Նոր տարվա նվեր։

Մենք մի րոպե լուռ նստեցինք ու նայեցինք մեր դիմաց դրված հաճելի, տաք շիլային, սերուցքով կաթին և հաց ու կարագին: Քանի որ մենք դաստիարակվել էինք ինչպես անգլիացի երեխաներ, երբեք թեյ կամ սուրճ չէինք խմել ու շիլայից բացի ուրիշ ոչինչ չէինք կերել նախաճաշին։

-Երանի մենք կերած լինեինք մեր նախաճաշը,- մտածեցի ես՝ լինելով բավականին եսասեր երեխա ու նաև շատ սոված։

-Ես այնքան ուրախ եմ, որ դուք եկաք մինչև մեր սկսելը,- ուրախությամբ ասաց Նանը։

-Կարելի՞ է ես էլ գամ ու օգնեմ ձեզ՝ տանելու այն այդ խեղճ, փոքրիկ երեխաներին,- հարցրեց Բեթը, ով ուներ ամենանուրբ սիրտը։

-Ես կարող եմ տանել կճուճը,- ասաց փոքրիկ Մեյը՝ հպարտությամբ տալով այն ինչ ամենաշատն էր սիրում։

-Եվ ես կարող եմ տանել ամբողջ շիլան,- մեջ ընկա ես՝ ի սրտե ամաչելով իմ ունեցած առաջին զգացումից։

-Դուք պետք է հագնվեք ու օգնեք ինձ և, երբ վերադառնանք, մենք ուտելու մի բան կգտնենք,- ասաց մայրիկը՝ տեղավորելով հացն ու կարագը զամբյուղի մեջ։

Շուտով մենք պատրաստ էինք։ Նախ հայրիկը՝ մի զամբյուղ փայտ իր ձեռքին և ածուխ մյուս ձեռքին: Հետո մայրիկը՝ մի կապոց տաք հագուստով ու թեյնիկով: Նանը և ես տանում էինք տաք շիլայի կաթսան՝ երկուսով բռնած ու ամեն մեկս՝ մի սափոր կաթ: Բեթը՝ սառը միս, Մեյը` կճուճը, և իր հին թիկնոցն ու ճտքավոր կոշիկները: Եվ Բեթսին՝ աղջիկը, բերում էր տոպրակով կարտոֆիլ ու ուտելիք։

Բարեբախտաբար, դեռ շատ վաղ էր, ու մենք գնացինք հետևի փողոցներով, այսպիսով մեզ գրեթե ոչ ոք չտեսավ ու ոչ ոք չծիծաղեց զվարճալի տեսարանի վրա։

Ինչպիսի աղքատ, դատարկ, թշվառ վայր էր դա, վստահ։ Կոտրված պատուհաններ, առանց վառելիքի, մաշված շորեր, լացող երեխա, հիվանդ մայր և մի խումբ գունատ, սոված երեխաներ՝ իրար գրկած, մեկ ծածկոցի տակ փորձում էին տաքանալ։ Ինչպես այդ մեծ աչքերը ապշած նայեցին ու կապտած շուրթերը ժպտացին, երբ մենք ներս մտանք։

-Ա՜հ, Տեր Աստված։ Բարի հրեշտակներն են, որ եկել են մեզ մոտ-, բացականչեց խեղճ կինը՝ երջանկության արցունքներն աչքերին։

-Ծիծաղելի հրեշտակներ՝ բրդյա գլխարկներով ու կարմիր թաթմաններով,- ասացի ես ու նրանք բոլորը ծիծաղեցին։

Հետո մենք անցանք գործի ու տասնհինգ րոպե թվում էր, թե մենք իրոք փերիներ ենք ու աշխատում ենք այնտեղ։ Հայրիկը կրակ վառեց հին բուխարու մեջ ու ծածկեց կոտրված պատուհանն իր սեփական գլխարկով ու վերարկուով։ Մայրիկը դողացող երեխաներն նստեցրեց կրակի շուրջ ու խեղճ կնոջը փաթաթեց տաք շորերով։ Բեթսին ու մնացածս սեղան գցեցինք ու կերակրեցինք փոքրերին։

Ի՜նչ հաճելի էր։ Հայրիկը, սրբիչն օգտագործելով որպես գոգնոց, կերակրում էր ամենափոքր երեխային: Մայրիկը հագցնում էր խեղճ, փոքրիկ նորածնին այնպիսի քնքշությամբ, ասես իր սեփական երեխան լիներ։ Բեթսին մորը թեյ տվեց՝ մխիթարելով, որ  լավ օրերը գալու են։ Նանը, Լուն, Բեթը ու Մեյը ցատկոտում էին յոթ երեխաների հետ՝ խոսելով, ծիծաղելով ու փորձելով հասկանալ նրանց ծիծաղելի, կոտրված անգլերենը։ Շա՜տ ուրախ նախաճաշ էր, չնայած մենք ոչինչ չկերանք։ Եվ մենք հեռացանք՝ թողնելով նրանց բոլորին մեծ հավատով և խոստանալով, որ կրկին անգամ հագուստ և սնունդ ենք տանելու։ Կարծում եմ, այլևս այն սոված, փոքրիկ աղջիկները չկային, ովքեր իրենց նախաճաշը տվեցին և Ամանորին գոհացան մի քիչ հացով ու խնձորով:

Dear Merrys:—As a subject appropriate to the season, I want to tell you about a New Year’s breakfast which I had when I was a little girl. What do you think it was? A slice of dry bread and an apple. This is how it happened, and it is a true story, every word.

As we came down to breakfast that morning, with very shiny faces and spandy clean aprons, we found father alone in the dining-room.

«Happy New Year, papa! Where is mother?» we cried.

«A little boy came begging and said they were starving at home, so your mother went to see and—ah, here she is.»

As papa spoke, in came mamma, looking very cold, rather sad, and very much excited.

«Children, don’t begin till you hear what I have to say,» she cried; and we sat staring at her, with the breakfast untouched before us.

«Not far away from here, lies a poor woman with a little new-born baby. Six children are huddled into one bed to keep from freezing, for they have no fire. There is nothing to eat over there; and the oldest boy came here to tell me they were starving this bitter cold day. My little girls, will you give them your breakfast, as a New Year’s gift?»

We sat silent a minute, and looked at the nice, hot porridge, creamy milk, and good bread and butter; for we were brought up like English children, and never drank tea or coffee, or ate anything but porridge for our breakfast.

«I wish we’d eaten it up,» thought I, for I was rather a selfish child, and very hungry.

«I’m so glad you come before we began,» said Nan, cheerfully.

«May I go and help carry it to the poor, little children?» asked Beth, who had the tenderest heart that ever beat under a pinafore.

«I can carry the lassy pot,» said little May, proudly giving the thing she thing she loved best.

«And I shall take all the porridge,» I burst in, heartily ashamed of my first feeling.

«You shall put on your things and help me, and when we come back, we’ll get something to eat,» said mother, beginning to pile the bread and butter into a big basket.

We were soon ready. First, papa, with a basket of wood on one arm and coal on the other; mamma next, with a bundle of warm things and the teapot; Nan and I carried a pail of hot porridge between us, and each a pitcher of milk; Beth brought some cold meat, May the «lassy pot,» and her old hood and boots; and Betsey, the girl, brought up the rear with a bag of potatoes and some meal.

Fortunately it was early, and we went along back streets, so few people saw us, and no one laughed at the funny party.

What a poor, bare, miserable place it was, to be sure,—broken windows, no fire, ragged clothes, wailing baby, sick mother, and a pile of pale, hungry children cuddled under one quilt, trying to keep warm. How the big eyes stared and the blue lips smiled as we came in!

«Ah, mein Gott! it is the good angels that come to us!» cried the poor woman, with tears of joy.

«Funny angels, in woollen hoods and red mittens,» said I; and they all laughed.

Then we fell to work, and in fifteen minutes, it really did seem as if fairies had been at work there. Papa made a splendid fire in the old fireplace and stopped up the broken window with his own hat and coat. Mamma set the shivering children round the fire, and wrapped the poor woman in warm things. Betsey and the rest of us spread the table, and fed the starving little ones.

What fun it was! Papa, with a towel for an apron, fed the smallest child; mamma dressed the poor little new-born baby as tenderly as if it had been her own. Betsey gave the mother  tea, and comforted her with assurance of better days for all. Nan, Lu, Beth, and May flew about among the seven children, talking and laughing and trying to understand their funny, broken English. It was a very happy breakfast, though we didn’t get any of it; and when we came away, leaving them all so comfortable, and promising to bring clothes and food by and by, I think there were not in all the hungry little girls who gave away their breakfast, and contented themselves with a bit of bread and an apple of New Year’s day.


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Learn something new

Set yourself a challenge to learn something new. This is the perfect opportunity to learn skills that take time. So improve your typing skills, learn to juggle, learn how to cook – whatever you want, but try to make the most of this extra time. Then you may either write about it or make a film.

I’ll tell you how I make one of my favorite dishes. It’s named crispy chili beef.


And for the sauce we 180ML ORANGE JUICE

Usually I don’t add hot sauce becouse I don’t like hot food.

So first of all we need to slice the meet into thin strips and add flour and salt to it, then we need to fry it in vegetable oil. After this we will need the sauce. For the sauce we need to mix orange juice, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, water and boil it.

When the sauce is ready we just need to pour it over the beef strips and the dish is ready.

Hope to make a vido soon.


Plan your day

Think and write how you are going to spend each day. Make a time table to plan activities for the day.

Actually my dad forced me to plan my day and I had a time table. I decided to stay with my grandma for a while as her family is in Russia and she is alone here, so now I sleep at 9am and I wake up at 11pm. All night I’m watching movies and chatting.

When I was at my house I used to wake up at 9:30am, at 10:30 I took my dog for a walk, we returned home at 10.55, I did my homework 11.00-12.30, 12.30-1.30 I cooked something to eat then cleaned the house. I was free to watch movies till 3.30pm. At 3.30 we cooked and ate again. Usually we finished cooking, eating and cleaning at 4.30 and I was free till 7.30. This period of time was for learning something and I learnt how to plan my day right (it was a webinar that took 3 hours). At 7:30 we ate again and after eating we watched a family movie. At 12 we went to bed and we had 30 minutes to spend in our phones (read news and so on). At 12.30 all of us put phones aside and we slept.

This was my time table which i didn’t like. I love night life and it was very hard for me to live this kind of life. I’m a teenager and I hate rules.

  • Balance online and offline activity

Be aware of how long you spend online each day and take regular screen breaks to stretch and take your eyes off the screen.

As I said above I used to live balanced and planned life. Now I’m taking screen breaks for few hours only, just to sleep, go to the toilet and cook something. Yes, I don’t take screen breaks to eat. I eat with my laptop or phone

  • Keep in touch with friends

There are two people I’m always in touch with. My boyfriend and my Vard. We chat 24 hours a day. Text messages and so on. Sometimes even face time (video call)!!!

We organize distance meetings!

  • Think of others and help when you can

Usually I’m an egoist and I ask others to help me. It’s very hard for me to think about others. Even the ones I love.

To be honest

Today I’m going to talk about honesty


What can I say about honesty? No one is honest. We are just acting. No one cares about your honest stories. People want well organized dramas. I can’t say I’m honest, I’m just open. I’m trying to act less than others do. So many people make themselves seem saint. You look at her face and you think »Oh God, she is an angel». But pay attention how they made it seem like they are angels from heaven. I can tell you! They talked about others who did something that a lot of people don’t accept and they said «I would never do something like this». There are no angels in this world. The ones who act like angels are the most dirty and low creatures. The ones who are trying to be open and don’t hide anything about personal life become bitches. Everyone starts talking about them behind their back.

I have a boyfriend. 22 years difference between us. Sometimes I post photos with him on my instagram account. I mean stories. And the »bad guys» of our school reply to my stories. I get so much love and loving words from them. Especially from boys. I can see how the »angels» share my stories with other »angels». And I’m 100% sure a lot of people talk about me behind my back.

People I thought were naive and kind don’t have their personal life today. They are very interested in mine.

First we thought we don’t care, let them talk. Our relationship is something out of norm so they should talk. Then I realized they don’t just discuss, they say negative things. I started noticing their stares. I noticed they don’t want to talk with me. I started being psychologically depressed.

My boyfriend still doesn’t care because his friends are so cool and they accept us. I feel so comfortable when we are hanging out with his friends.

I don’t want friendship with girls. They are so dirty. They always talk behind your back. They act like they are honest but they are never honest. They don’t leave you in peace.

Guys are absolutely different. They don’t care about your personal life, they don’t talk shit about you. Whenever you ask them to hang out with you they do with great pleasure.

Boys are more honest than girls. Every girl keeps a snake inside.

The Contradiction of Judging Other Women | SUCCESS


Crime and Punishment

Project – Crime and Punishment

Purpose: This lesson is intended as a guide to help students work in a virtual environment making connections with different aspects of crime that blends listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Grade level:  This thematic unit is intended for the students in high school (11-12th)
advanced level classrooms.

Materials:  Vocabulary: To learn crime and punishment vocabulary  and their definitions.

Task I.

Do this crime and punishment quiz: – What crime is being committed in each of these cases?

1. A thief goes into your house through a window.


2. A child steals a chocolate bar from a store.

child abuse

3. A car is driven faster than the limit.


4. An American dealer sells cocaine to a Canadian buyer.

drug trafficking

5. A guard refuses to give a prisoner food or water unless the prisoner gives up information.


6. A police officer shoots and kills an unarmed teenager who refused to obey him.


7. A person throws a lit match into a building and it catches fire.

domestic violence

8. A terrorist group takes over an airplane and changes its course.


9. A man regularly assaults his wife and children.

domestic violence

10. A dishonest lawyer charges a client for more hours of work than he really did.

armed robbery


Task II. Choose  one of the short stories, read and understand it, write down the unknown words and expressions and give their definitions. Write your opinion about the story you have read.

How’s Your Mother?

The story was about a guy whose mother left him and he was living with imaginary mom. Everyone thought his mother is an old lady living in one of the rooms of the house. Everyone was asking questions about his moms health. The guy won money and wanted to move to Canada. One day someone noticed fire in his kitchen and broke the window to go in and check if mom was ok. He couldn’t find anyone in the house. Everyone thought the guy killed his mom to take money and go to Canada. Police thought that he buried his mom in the garden. They checked and couldn’t find her body there. Actually his mom lived in Liverpool and when she knew he won money she came to him and told him she is his mother and wants to go with him. He choked her and buried in the garden. Then he told police he killed her but as the police checked the garden they didn’t belive him and said that he is free to go wherever he wants.

I don’t think this guy was a criminal. He just had psychological problems. He just needed treatment. And when he told police he killed his mother and even if it was unbelivable they should have called a psychologist for him, not tell him »You can go».

Task III. 

You are given some crime and punishment essay titles.

Please in 250 – 300 words or less prepare your personal statement on the topics below. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

1.Some people think certain prisoners should be made to do unpaid community work instead of being put behind bars. To what extent do you agree?

I don’t think forcing is right. I think the prisoners should be suggested to do unpaid community work or to go to prison. They should decide. It’s always good to have a choice. In my opinion everyone has the right to choose. In general this is an effective method. It’s better to work than to sit and do nothing and be treated like animals in the cage.

2.The crime rate nowadays is decreasing compared to the past due to advance technology which can prevent and solve crime. Do you agree or disagree?

I agree that technologies can prevent and solve crime but I don’t think using this medhod is right. People are in full control now. All of us. Full acces to our phones. You unlock your phone with your finger print, they have your finger print. Some people unlock their phones with face ID, they scanned puple. Yesterday our goverment decided that they can check  our phone calls. Of corse they said they will not listen to what we talked but it’s an absolute lie. I’ll tell you more now they can see where are you at the moment and where are you going. They say it’s for our own benefit. They say it’s for stopping the virus. Bullshit!!! Even after the virus they will control us and they will do it in a very legal way. It’s legal now even though more than  half of the members of Parliament were against this. People are going to be controlled by goverment just like robots. It’s unbelivable how can someone check my phone calls and do it in a legal way?! This is so sick. Technology will destroy humanity. Forget about freedom. Your goverment controlls you fully.

3. Some people think that women should not be allowed to work in the police force. Do you agree or disagree?

I said this thousand times. Women and men have equal rights. Women can do whatever they want. Women can be whatever they want. Women are human beings and dhey decide what to be and where to work. In the police office, cabaret or strip club. No one has the right to judge. Isn’t it better to think about your own life?

Distance learning

For months some of you have planned to celebrate this or that occasion somewhere in your country or abroad, or have a spring break trip somewhere, for example Itally, Iran and so on. But as the new coronavirus started spreading you have to stay at home and follow the precautions recommended by Public health experts.

So in 250 – 300 words or less prepare your personal statement on the topic below. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Those questions given below will help you to express your idea

– What solutions would you offer to this problem?

– Imagine there hadn’t been coronavirus in Armenia what would you have done?

– What if you were given three wishes by a genie in a bottle? What would you wish for?

– Supposing you woke up one morning and found you’d gone back in time, how would you feel

Good luck to you!

Of course I can’t offer any solution to coronavirus problem. I just can’t understand why are people panicked. It’s a new kind of usual viruses. Only 3,7% die and this is why people don’t  go out? Why you cross the rode? Maybe a car hits you and you die. Because of this virus my life stopped and it’s not even because of the virus, it’s because of people who panic. I can’t go out with friens. Actually the only person who agrees to go out with me is my boyfriend. But where to go? Every pub, club or bar is closed. Every performance is cancelled. My life stopped till April 16.

I don’t care about coronavirus I just want the panic to stop. It’s not about the virus.

We had plans. We wanted to go to the theatre for »Tie me to the bed» performance, we wanted to go to a club for khndzori sok performance.

If I were given three wishes by the genie in a bottle. non of them would be connected with coronavirus. I would ask for freedom, money and probably hundred men like my beloved boyfriend  😂 .

I wouldn’t like to go back in time. I’m building my life step by step. It’s almost the time to enjoy. I don’t want to go back now. I lived the worse five-six months of my life. Since August to January. I was not allowed to go out for any activitie. Only school.

Six months I fought for my freedom. I don’t want to live these days again. The sweetest moments are yet to come. Going back in time is my worst nightmare. I’m starting to enjoy my life with people I adore. Nothing can stop me. Even corona can’t.

Հեռավար դպրոց

Digital habits across generations

Read an article about how people at different ages use computers and smartphones to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first.

Match the words with their definitions.

  1. Social media
  2. early adopters
  3. to miss out on
  4. unlike
  5. ironically
  6. to be cut from
  7. constantly
  8. addiction

a) in a funny or strange way because it’s unexpected — 5. Ironically

b) websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — 1. Social media

c) different from — 4. Unlike

d) to not get the benefits of — 3. To miss out on

e) needing something too much or in an unhealthy way — 8. Addiction

f) people who are the first to buy or use new technology — 2. Early adopters

g) all the time without a break — 7. Constantly

h) to have no access to — 6. To be cut from

Now read the text and do the exercises.

Today’s grandparents are joining their grandchildren on social media, but the different generations’ online habits couldn’t be more different. The over-55s are joining Facebook in increasing numbers, meaning that they will soon be the site’s second biggest user group, with 3.5 million users aged 55–64 and 2.9 million over-65s.

Sheila, aged 59, says, ‘I joined to see what my grandchildren are doing, as my daughter posts videos and photos of them. It’s a much better way to see what they’re doing than waiting for letters and photos in the post. That’s how we did it when I was a child, but I think I’m lucky I get to see so much more of their lives than my grandparents did.’

Ironically, Sheila’s grandchildren are less likely to use Facebook themselves. Children under 17 are leaving the site – only 2.2 million users are under 17 – but they’re not going far from their smartphones. Chloe, aged 15, even sleeps with her phone. ‘It’s my alarm clock so I have to,’ she says. ‘I look at it before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up.’

Unlike her grandmother’s generation, Chloe’s age group is spending so much time on their phones at home that they are missing out on spending time with their friends in real life. Sheila, on the other hand, has made contact with old friends from school she hasn’t heard from in forty years. ‘We use Facebook to arrange to meet all over the country,’ she says. ‘It’s changed my social life completely.’

Teenagers might have their parents to thank for their smartphone and social media addiction as their parents were the early adopters of the smartphone. Peter, 38 and father of two teenagers, reports that he used to be on his phone or laptop constantly. ‘I was always connected and I felt like I was always working,’ he says. ‘How could I tell my kids to get off their phones if I was always in front of a screen myself?’ So, in the evenings and at weekends, he takes his SIM card out of his smartphone and puts it into an old-style mobile phone that can only make calls and send text messages. ‘I’m not completely cut off from the world in case of emergencies, but the important thing is I’m setting a better example to my kids and spending more quality time with them.’

Is it only a matter of time until the generation above and below Peter catches up with the new trend for a less digital life?

Task 1
Are the sentences true or false?

1. More people aged 55 or more use Facebook than people aged 65 or
more. True
2. Grandparents typically use Facebook less than their grandchildren. False
3. Sheila feels grateful to social media. True
4. Peter found his own smartphone use affected how he felt about how
much his children used their phones. True
5. Peter has changed how much he uses his phone during the working day. False
6. Peter feels that the changes make him a better parent. True

Task 2

In 150 words or less prepare your personal statement on the topic below.

In my opinion social medias make our lives the way easier and meanwhile make us zombies and robots. The more we use social medias to comunicate with friends, relatives, partners the less we give love and care to them. It’s so easy to fight, send offending messages, block the person’s social account then realize he/she was so valuable. The messages stay. You can read whenever you want.

You said something wrong it passes, you wrote something wrong it stays. You sent a photo or a video to a wrong person it might get viral. It might ruin your reputation, your whole life.

Social medias are very dangerous. Actually people made social medias dangerous.

Even though I said negative things about social medias they made my life easier. Learning, comunicating, business. I like Snapchat very much. First of all your chat will be deleted at the moment you leave, if you want you can save messages. If you send a photo or a video and the person saved or took a screenshot you can see it!

In my opinion for teenagers Facebook is too old. They want more action so they prefer Instagram.

In general doesn’t matter what social media you use all you need is being very careful in social medias.

Who uses their phone the most among your family or friends?

I think I am the one who uses phone 24 hours a day. There is someone I can’t meet every day but I miss him very much so I message him 24 hours a day but when I’m with him I don’t even check my mail.

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Հունվար։ Նախագծային ամսվա ամփոփում

Հունվարյան նախագծեր


Հայոց լեզու, գրականություն՝

Քննարկում հունվարյան նախագծային ամսվա շրջանակներում։ Ինտելեկտ



Բնօգտագործումն ու բնապահպանությունը ՀՀ-ում



Նախագիծ։ Ինչպես է մեր մարմինը մատնում մեր մտքերի ուղղությունը



The Arrogant Swans


Are men and women’s roles in society changing?



Առաջադրանքներ շտեմարանից