14 tickets to Gyumri

We reached Gyumri by train. We got off the train and was walking out of the railway station  we saw taxi drivers standing outside. One of them asked us «What are you doing  here in  this dusty Gyumri ?»  None of us answered him. Then we found WiFi by a restaurant. We asked them to let us use their WiFi and they willingly invited me and Mrs. Silva in and even gave us a cup of coffee. Then we got to church. The church was gougers. So we were already in the square of Gyumri where we danced  Armenian national dances as we had already planned. While we were in Gyumri we visited 3 museums, the museum of Mher Mkirtchan, Hovhannes Shiraz and Avetik Isahakian. After visiting museums we met 3 boys ( I didn’t like them). They showed us the way of the theatre and the parks. But when I was talking to one of them he told me that boys in Yerevan are bad guys. He didn’t even think that I have friends here in Yerevan and they are dear to me. I understood that  «dust» is inside of people who are living in Gyumri. When I got home I told my family that Gyumri was great but I won’t go there anymore because of people (maybe because of these guys). What I really liked was the train.

Our train


Isahakyan’s museum

Varpetats street

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